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R48G: declarations of independence, an international, brexits and amerexits, …redemption of yankee doodle ‘imperial unions’ as a new system of united states…

July 4th, 2017 · No Comments

Our support of Brexit, after the fact and not really before, a stance one might regret, suggests that the passage beyond nationalism in the EU formation was in some fashion inadequate to the future. We fail to see a similar kind of ‘exit’ gestating invokes a US beyond its ’empire pseudo-union’. (With Trump isolationism, a curious distortion of that looks to be brewing)

Our remarks on the issue of democracy soon moves to the question of nationalism and its passing away and the failure of ideas of democracy to confront the larger system of states in a new kind of ‘union’ or federation of ‘united states. We have learned nothing: the solution has already been staged once, the international and the passage to a postcapitalist federation of transnational former or remaining nation states in a system beyond imperial parodies as globalization pawns, bishops, queens.
Real democracy is waiting on a system international in scope and this requires more than localized false unities like the EU which seems to be crumbling on the way to a new set of combinations including yet beyond the nation state. What is the use of the EU (what to say of the US imperialist brand) if its smartphones must imply the neo-colonial exploitation of the Congo for its coltan?

There is a curious symbolism of ‘states’ and federations/unions of ‘states in the obvious ‘pun’ on the ‘states’ of the US and global nation states. We are close to a frankenstein ‘aha moment’ but I will leave the false conclusion to be inferred with a chuckle, if not a cackle. But in fact the solution already existed and then failed, a ‘union’ of socialist republics. The US and Brexit brits might redeem their sordid failures as internal bourgeois democracy and external imperial dominations with a new concept that can stand beyond capitalist globalization in a system that is democratic within and without.

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