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R48G: the history of compromised democracies (is the same as the history of democracy…)..perspectives of the eonic effect…deja vu all over again…

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We have adopted the perspective of the eonic effect with its mysterious teleological logic and attempted to clarify the ‘end of history’ mythology in its twin forms of garbled hegel (‘end of history’), and hegel in excelsis (Geist as pixie dust)/etc…

We can forget (even as we vaguely recall the obvious) that the term democracy from Greek demokratia referred to a first experiment in a system that coexisted with slavery, and that the experiment was shortlived, disappearing within a few generations. So it is obvious that the original center of gravity of the term ‘democracy’ refers to something that could coexist with slavery in the oblivion of concepts in the drama of evolving civilizations. We might realize we want a refund on the term and move to create a new concept and a new revolution, while we are at it.
It is interesting to consider exotic interpretations of the eonic effect (after our attempting extreme streamlining of its depiction) and one is the ‘stream and sequence’ effect where we see history in two aspects and there we note that democracy appears twice in the macro sequence and dies out in the stream, if it was born at all. It is curious state of affairs. To wait for the right moment is to wait forever and the appearance of democracy (Greece was not actually the first, mot probably, with intimations of all kinds from Sumer onward, and a post link today as to the ancient mesoamericans) can be seen as a history of botched efforts. So we can say that the modern recurrence was much louder than before…Marx/Engels, whatever our critiques of their theories, understood this implicitly and analyzed the problem very well. We see the dilemma from the start in the gestation of democracy in British and French histories, the English Civil War and its cooptation in the Lockean Restoration (where Locke was no abolitionist). We should consider via our ‘eonic model/myth’ that the issue of democracy is ‘hyparchic futurism’ to borrow J.G.Bennett’s notion, and that in any case invoking ‘demokratia’ generates a peculiar karmic debt: you are condemned to do the job right, sooner, …or later.

The American Civil War was of those paybacks on the debt and it came much sooner that we might have expected. That means in terms of the eonic model that it was ‘sooner’ because it was still close to the macro interval in a hybrid of system action and free agency.

The moral here (which is to consider the prophetic sooner/later of Marx/Engels) is that later or else very soon the payback on the debt requires some realization of real democracy and this time as free men in the middle eras of the macro sequence. Will we get lucky this time? By the obvious probability of what we have seen so far our feeble macro-induced ‘democracy’ will die out (it looks like that has happened) within a few centuries from 1800 and not recur as free agency in the remainder of the 2400 interval. Two strikes, still not quite ‘out’.

The better moral her is to digest and perhaps upgrade the crude reckoning of Marx/Engels and the legacy of the Union Dead to consider that we must exit the history of botched democracy with a new terminology, a new framework and a new revolution for ‘real democracy’.

This is an awful indictment of human frailty: system induced ‘demokratia’ from a macro sequence that must act in a fixed schedule and the potential and yet failure of man to realize democracy as a free agent. Sooner or later the task must be accomplished, or history will end in another sense: man as homo sapiens will become an extinct species, a failed hominid who could not evolve/self-evolve freedom

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