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archive: capitalists for market DMNC neo-communism??!

July 10th, 2017 · No Comments

R48G: capitalists for market neo-communism??!
November 26th, 2016 ·

I have gotten a surprise cryptic communication with (no doubt conditional) support for the framework of market neo-communism (with its three sector economic structure): not all capitalists are knee-jerk market fanatics, or market idiots. Many recognize the monumental stupidity of the Ayn Randization of economic consciousness and neoliberal fanaticism. A reserve toward his own promotions was, we should note, clearly present in Adam Smith. And the issue of climate change is sounding the death knell of classic capitalism. So what is a capitalist to do?
The point here is that transitional market communism resolves the basics of communism but allows a three way experimental set of economic experiments that presuppose a general equivalent of full social democratic economic populism, done right inside boundaries of a communist guardianship of the Commons.

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