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R48G: in the age of AI it is nonsense to say that planned economies couldn’t work…

July 10th, 2017 · No Comments


The issue of planned economies (our DMNC has three sectors with a planned and a market sector, based on a Commons) has been so subject to so many fake debunkings that we fail to see that it is possible to plan effectively and in the era of AI the issue is transforming itself. Lets’ not indulge in reverse propaganda however, and really solve the problem We need to demand the end of baloney, acknowledge the pluses of markets but not get bamboozled especially now that we can demonstrate the catastrophe let loose by unrestricted markets and the damage down to clear thinking by market ideology. Let us note that at a time of crisis the basics consist of food, lodging, employment/basic income, health care, etc… and we don’t have to indulge in growth economies to get to that resolution.

(The text Toward a New Socialism, cited here many times, has its own take on this). I am sure that a lot of scientists, engineers, computer programmers et al. could under emergency conditions make a go of planned economies dispatching the skeptics forthwith. And at a moment of crisis hot markets are hardly necessary. The potential of AI her is decisive: any technology that can learn to drive a car can surely learn how to manage an economy.
And in any case our DMNC doesn’t require perfection here and has two main areas of failsafe economies: three sectors: a planned, a market, and an autonomous sector in a simple/complex triad of possibilities, united under a Commons with neo-communist/market economics…It is hard to see how this wouldn’t work…

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