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R48G: scare tactics? our DMNC tries to create a just socialism but is it too late and will stalinism come to seem preferable climate chaos?

July 10th, 2017 · No Comments

I say no to my own question, but…the people of Africa and the Middle East condemned to die might think otherwise…
Short of a technical breakthrough, or a slew of such, the coming chaos may outstrip even our DMNC and drive an authoritarian dictatorship from the left to force the issue on many grounds. At least let us consider that Leninism, which we have challenged, may or may not be the prelude to stalinism, which was a one man show and a coup d’etat…Consider stalinism minus the purges and the paranoia.
Where would the dot.US.gov put the gulags? The train systems are mostly east/west, we would need northern Canada, and have to invade there?

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