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A revolutionary manifesto, free…skip sanders’ phony ‘revolution’ baloney…

July 12th, 2017 · No Comments

‘Revolution’ generally means an armed revolt against a government and a new constitutional restart. To use the term in the way that Sanders does risks degrading the term into a coopted version that is consciously or unconsciously an attempt to sabotage change. To be sure, this slide in the meaning of the term long predated Sanders and there is perhaps a case for this tactic, but a two years of Sanders leaves one suspicious this is a way to forestall real change.
In addition, the amount of money that Sanders has spent on his various escapades is sickening when you consider that activist groups can barely manage to pay their internet hosting bills. Sanders has done what a conservatizing agent would do: take the terminology of the left and tinker with its semantics…Finally, Sanders is a lone agent using the term ‘socialism’ when this should refer to a some kind of explicit socialist party with a platform. But Sanders uses the terminology for his own personal political career, working alone.
To be fair Sanders probably doesn’t grasp what he is doing, but the issue of such large sums of money is critical. Sanders robbed the left of tens of millions of dollars potentially able to create and fund real parties and real change…

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