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Sanders, Stein, Naomi Klein, Goodman, pen-l, marxmail, etc, etc….etc…jewish supremacism on the left? we will sink our own accusation with a conspiracy theory…

July 12th, 2017 · No Comments


I hate to raise this issue again: we discussed this here at length several years ago but the issue won’t go away.

First there is a book on this subject by David Duke who actually marshaled some interesting facts in a book that otherwise is trashy, rightwing and grossly antisemitic. I am not antisemitic but I do study jewish supremacism in another way. This shouldn’t be a leftist issue, but it is, because ‘jewish supremacism’ is alive and unwell in Israel and behind the scenes in the US. I have to say at once that the issue of ‘jewish supremacism’ is toxic but relevant to US politics but it is also riddled with a conspiracy theory that can vitiate the whole analysis. Getting the conspiracy issue right is ‘against all odds’ in a field of hopeless idiocy. But americans on the left learn the hard way that if they are gentiles they are second class citizens. It is possible that because Jews are often very smart they pull ahead in a meritocratic mechanism. That’s not quite right. I and many other gentiles are a lot smarter than the ‘smart jews’ who dominate so many situations, including the left. So that explanation is nonsense. And yet I, we, don’t get the time of day. At the risk of sounding anti-semitic we have to ask: isn’t there a clear pattern of prejudice against gentiles here?
I have written five books on leftist subjects and three thousands posts on the issues but can’t get a single comment, review or email exchange. To be fair that ostracism is due to dissent and springs as well from the general left, but I remain suspicious. Actually, I don’t care in my case: I have had an immense underground effect, so I should have no complaints, but my point in general points to something important. I will take the blame personally on other grounds, but register my obvious suspicion that in other cases jews are at an immense advantage for hidden reasons we often don’t perceive. It is not an accident that Sanders succeeds when everyone else flounders. That’s intended, but in a manner that is obscure and subject to misanalysis. This is strange. Gentiles have been brainwashed to think they are stupid and often defer to the ‘boy we are smart’ jewish squads. It is not the way to go. Those who charge antisemitism here need to consider how jews have destroyed social equality in many respects. Let me hasten to add that this jewish effect is far less potent than the malevolence of global capitalism in general.

Having raised the issue, I must drop it…go through the archived posts here if you like: it will preempt antisemitism. Speaking for myself, I am actually glad I am not mainstream without publicity, so my complaint amounts to little. But in general it is important to very carefully consider the reality of ‘occult jewish supremacism’. An equivalent exists in xtianity and islam, so this is not prejudice as such. But the paradox is resolved by considering the perverted history of jews and xtians and the tragic way a world religion got divided in two, and the result was the emergence in judaism (and to a lesser extent in xtianity, and a greater extent in islam) of a set of occult supremacist operators, and in the midst of the disgusting misfire over the Protocols of Zion which totally wrecked careful study we got a real conspiracy of Zionists, for example. And the hidden control of american politics by zionists/israelis is a REAL conspiracy, and next to that we suspect the strong influence of Israelis (and the Saudis to a lesser extent) and the deep state in the US, and this conspiracy is very real indeed. We suspect that the silence on 9/11 is partly the result of jewish leftists trying to sink any enquiry here. Why would Chomsky for so long refuse to consider this issue. Since he is the same for the JFK assassination that could be an unfair charge. But I doubt it. The behavior of the Israelis on 9/11 us almost sickening, and the conspiracy of silence is equally despicable…
In general then there is a hidden underground of efforts by jewish sources to create a domination effect, and many good and unsuspecting jews who are essentially assimilated are caught up in it and used in a way they don’t understand.

So in general it is quite possible to produce a conspiracy theory, or several, that is not anti-semitic, and which can clarify a very sad situation. And on the left? It seems that this couldn’t be possible in this case. Don’t be fooled: real jewish supremacists want jews of all stripes in all possible combinations to dominate social institutions, the case of the left being especcially desirable, the more so in disguise.

Having said all this, be wary of agreeing with me. I am older and have a background that can deal with the occult shadow world of judaism (and islam, to a much lesser extent, xtianity which eliminated all its gnostics early on, xtians haven’t a clue and are sitting ducks).

All this leaves the question, do I know what I am talking about? Maybe, maybe not, but I note that gentile leftist are mostly floundering in the US. The jewish domination effect is real, but in the end one must just as well say, so what? Jews are assimilating so fast that the question is becoming a dead letter. But it is not there yet. Sanders’ success is suspicious and won’t be replicated by gentiles, I will guarantee you that. Sanders was a ace in the hole for jewish supremacists who must be licking their chops…

Don’t agree with me. Create a strong left that succeeds without jewish control. But be wary of this theme. You will screw up and end an antisemite. You cannot easily solve the riddle posed here, but nonetheless the domination effect in the US is deadly and has almost destroyed american democracy. Read the archives here if you like, and perhaps material at The Gurdjieff Con. If jewish occultists are deadly, sufis islamics are worse, and tibetan buddhists absolutely pernicious, behind the smiling front of idiots. Zionists are a failed breed at this point (not the same as jewish occultists). Just saying this, and perhaps doing nothing, is enough to contribute to solving the problem, at least in the US, the question of that disgusting Israel remaining open. But just be sure you have a left and not some phony baloney controlled behind the scenes. The global left doesn’t have this problem so perhaps we can export some of our initiatives to overseas groups.

As for Sanders, it seems sad, hasn’t he coopted the ideas of ‘revolution’ and ‘socialism’? There is still hope here, but I doubt if anyone is going to have the success of Sanders all over again. Lt us prove this wrong.
Be wary of ‘jewish supremacism’, there is a rightist version and a barely existing leftist version, the latter being clubfooted. The two could get scrambled. Obviously the question relates to the rise of fascism/nazism also. Note that that rise of Nazism (national socialism) was a perversion of leftist socialism, so be very very wary. Perhaps just ignore the issue, it is safer.

By and large the division of jews and xtians can be a benign transient effect as both groups assimilate into secularism. But the supremacist effect on the left is real and needs a new solution. That is arriving, on the way…
I recommnd gentile leadership on the left, with jews doing what they do best as ‘consultants’. Sanders is not a betrayer of causes, but he is not exactly working class either…

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