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archive: a note to Jewish marxist intellectuals and jewish supremacist marxism: Karl Marx was NOT jewish as an assimilated ex-christian…

July 18th, 2017 · No Comments

A note to Jewish marxist intellectuals: Karl Marx was NOT jewish.
November 16th, 2013 ·

All That Is Solid Melts Into Berman: The Unkempt Emperor of New York Intellectuals

This is some interesting history of the culture of Jewish intellectuals on the left, but at this point I think the Marx fetishism of Jews should be dropped, with Jews assimilating to create a new form of a post-Jewish left. Face reality: Marx was not Jewish, hated Jewish culture, and was not Jewish but a second generation Christian. This is not prejudice, but a request to try an exercise in studying the cleverness of the Marx legacy, as it straddled two traditions. Snobbish Jewish intellectuals are a big turn off for Gentiles, who should be using Marx as a Gentile: Marx was NOT Jewish. But it is a lost cause to point it out now.
I think that Judaism and Xtianity are undergoing collapse at this point. And it is helpful I hope for Jewish intellectuals to grasp why they are unable generate a leftist movement. Xtians are much better, to be sure, in fact worse, but the Jewish fundamentals are of social and religious inequality, a dead pall on a leftist ideology of universal inequality. Treating Marx as Jewish has confused his legacy, and I suspect, in silence, many Gentiles are too crypto-antisemitic for marxism. Time to stir the pot. We are out of time for this question. Time to ditch Marx and his confusing and useless Capital and start from scratch.
All we need is the Manifesto.

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