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archive: Bourne series and NSA surveillance

July 18th, 2017 · No Comments

Bourne series and NSA surveillance
November 14th, 2013 ·

The romanticization of the spy film gets flipped in the remarkable Bourne series (the first, the Bournes Identity is the best)

But the last one in the trilogy, The Bourned Ultimatum, is worth watching because it shows that in the later nineties many people alreay knew of the problem with the NSA:
Free online here:

This film contains a scene of a journalist’s assassination after he is recorded on his cell phone using an NSA keyword ‘blackbriar'(name of a top secret project), his conversation being instantly scanned by the NSA surveillance system.
That was 2007, with the first in the series around 2001, and I assumed it was Hollywood exaggeration. Now I am literally at loss to say if it actually a plot embellishment.
The origanl Bourne film goes back to the eighties, and the first of the films to shatter the Bond film propaganda was Three Days of the Condor, which influenced the Bourne films.

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