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archive: communist society as a staging ground for the future evolution of man

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Communist society as a staging ground for the future evolution of man
January 1st, 2014 ·

Last and First Men enters the question of human evolution by connecting the idea to the work of a future left to stage the evolutionary completion of man. World history shows us, we suspect, as described in WHEE, the complex ‘evolutionary’ history of emerging civilization, which we suspect is the bad format of earlier human evolution, speaking very generally. Human evolution is incomplete and is entering a complex phase of transition to a new man, or so we suspect. That makes its vital for the left to get past Darwinian nonsense, as hopeless as it is to expect this at the moment from the members of the Dawkins cult. In any case a social darwinist view of economy and evolution is rank ideology, and the core of that ideology must be found in the theory of Darwin, not just such figures as Hebert Spencer.
One thing is clear: the capitalist regime is not a field for evolutonary emergence. The mythical ideological idea that survival of the fittest applied to economies is going to ‘evolve’ a future man is complete nonsense. The real danger is of degeneration.

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