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archive: scientism as religion and Richard Dawkins as its prophet (profit?)

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Scientism as religion and Richard Darwkins as its prophet (profit?)
October 23rd, 2013 ·

Xtianity vs science

The issue of Xtianity is complex, and misunderstood, and its correct analysis, along with tht of Judaism, is not easily accomplished. The New Atheists are a case in point. Their line of attack misses the point. The existence of god isn’t really the point of monotheism! But emergence of ‘pop god religion’ in the era of the Old Testament creation has cemented the wrong view from the beginning.
The tactics of the New Atheists are confused: Xtianity may be a good/bad religion but it does have a spiritual dynamic, of some kind, and the negation of that spiritual basis, whatever that means, doesn’t work because it moles down ‘underneath’ and misses the real issues.
So a correct critique will elude such critics. I think Xtianity will disappear before anyone figures out what it was. We can see it emerging from the Axial Age, with a revolutionary challenge to the Roman world sliding into degeneracy. That task as history should alert the ‘atheist’ critics they missed something, but they are obstinate in their Bertrand Russell cliches.

The New Atheist attack is so stilted and one-dimensional that you have to wonder if it will backfire and strengthen that religion.
I think that the phasing away will continue, but the exist strategy won’t be scientism or the idiocy of the cult prophet Richard Dawkins.

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