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R48G: an alarmist scenario, quite the doomsday teeth-chattering fear inducing option beyond even the NYM fearmongerers: capitalism is doomed and the bourgeoisie has to surrender their plunder (primitive accumulation)

July 19th, 2017 · No Comments

This is the original article at NYM on climate change, one that has raised a lot of controversy. But surely the point is clear that, barring some kind of technological fix we are in deep trouble. And we can challenge this essay as too alarmist but we can’t so easily claim Miami won’t end up under water and we can’t be too confident given the issue of methane emissions on the way.
We should be afraid because: 1. it seems we will not stop 2C of warning and 2. at 2C we might hit the trip wire feedback loops that will take us to 3, 4, 5, 6C, all of them catastrophic…

It is time confront the capitalist powers that be with an ‘alarmist scenario’: the end of capitalism as we know it, probably, but not necessarily, via a revolutionary process that will spawn an international that can deal with the issues in an alliance of nation state, etc…

We need to challenge the round of compromising bullshitters who will almost certainly come to control public activism and sow confusion into the demand for clarity. The revolutionary option, to be sure, could itself lack clarity, and the middle ground between evolutionary and revolutionary paths remains improperly charted. But we must suspect that at some point chaos could become a determining factor.
But we don’t have to arrive at this via a democratic process for the simple reason that we don’t have a democracy to bring this about. We don’t even have an electoral system once you subtract the shennanigans of the J street lobbies, the big money from Wall Street etc…

We have several ways to go, the main option being a working class movement. But at this point we have heard so many leftist chant the working class mantra, and this entirely in vain. This mantra coexists with the destruction of labor unions and the total absence of a labor party in any elections, ever (in the US).
What are you talking about? There are possiblities here in the so-called ‘global working class’ and we should be alert to that.
We have talked instead about the so-called Universal Class which can certainly be rendered as variant of the working class but which is focused on a full spectrum of class formations. We instead invoke a full range of membership sets in the whole system of classes and there propose a movement, vanguard or not, that can recast a new system in a re-foundation as real democracy. And we have argued that the only way to do this is via a form of neo-communism (the term socialism tends to be fuzzy and lost to consistent discourse) that is based on the principle of the Commons.
It is not use speaking of democracy if you don’t have one and it is of no use to promote regime change therefore via hand wringing: you must change regimes, create a new constitution, etc…
Please call this unrealistic in practice, if you like, but don’t pretend that you are going to change the fake democracy we now have by voting for Sanders in 2000 in the name of coopted ‘revolution’, his ‘our revolution’ which is a profitable bonanza for him and his publishers. By all means keep that iron in the fire but AT LEAST as a virtual possibility consider the issue of a revolutionary platform that will be ready if the improbable becomes probable. There are middle ways here, if we can nonetheless maintain clarity about praxis, but so far they haven’t reached desperation levels needed to get anyone’s vote. But once Miami goes underwater, and way before then, the hand writing on the wall is going to become visible.

And let’s note in passing that marxist boilerplate will spoil that moment: a new and viable communist platform will be needed.
Let us be clear what we are saying: we are talking about the expropriation of private property, probably not on a small scale, not at all, but the range of the capital pool of the ‘bourgeoisie’. And it is not so hard to conceive of that as being possible. Noone owns anything anyway: it is all primitive accumulation, the great rip off of global industrial behemoths. We have a right and a duty to take back that plunder and put it into a Commons. And this is something a vast majority might come to agree on, if the utter botch of earlier brands can done again, and done half way right.

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