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Who the fuck is Jeffrey St. Clair? In your face asshole…to paly Pope on the magic bullet theory is stupid

July 21st, 2017 · No Comments

I am a little puzzled at the failure of the left on the issues of JFK and 9/11. And many are getting a little tired of the dogmas peddled here. Apparently this Mr. St. Clair is some kind of leftist bigwig who thinks he can pronounce the view required by card carriers. But this game is pretty much all washed up. I am no expert on the JFK assassination but anyone who promotes the one bullet theory with such arrogant condescension is a puzzle and puts people who are less naive with their backs to the wall.

When your back is against the wall the main option is to fight back, Mr. Big Shot St. Clair. I am not expert on the JFK assassination but I would never pronounce the kind of useless disinfo that is the standard view, and not only that but on the left, intimidated by these bigwigs into saying nothing.
It is time that it stopped so that some rational discussion of JFK and 9/11 can gain traction the left…
And Chomsky is also implicated in this bizarre confusion…

I first encountered the phrase “Deep State” in the writings of the Canadian Peter Dale Scott (a fellow Eng. Lit major), though the predicate of the theory far predates Scott’s relatively docile explorations of the dark forces manipulating the secret management of the Empire. The origin myth of leftwing Deep State theory is, of course, the assassination of JFK, an act of internal regime change by a CIA hit-team orchestrated by Allen Dulles in retaliation for the president’s alleged plan to break-up the agency and yank US troops out of Vietnam. From that moment on, according Deep State theorizers, the secret government was firmly in control and no political transgressions against its agenda would be tolerated. As an omnipotent force, the existence of a Deep State satisfies the Left’s desire to rationalize its own sense of perennial powerlessness. Of course, I remain an unrepentant Magic Bullet man,

Source: Red State, Blue State; Green State, Deep State

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