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Game theory, Hamilton’s rule?? …scientists are so far off on the evolution of religion it is almost pathetic…

July 23rd, 2017 · No Comments

Looking at the material on Hamilton and kin selection in Binmore’s Game Theory: while the trick play here is not without interest in the history of mathematical cleverness it cuts no ice on the almost staggering complexity of evolution, the evolution of religion/ethics and consciousness. You just can’t derive such complex subjects with selectionist gimmicks.

To get a sense of this consider the material on the Axial Age in WHEE:

Scientists are so far off on the evolution of religion it is almost pathetic…The issue of cooperation is a mere fragment of a far larger set of questions that must evolve in tandem and natural selection could never explain this. But scientists are totally stuck in a set of fallacies that noone can challenge except outsiders, as here…

To get a sense of the stupendous complexity here consider the material at the link on the Axial Age along with the six following sections/webpages: we see a global system that induces religions (nonetheless with a man-made component) in the larger context of the evolution of civilization in a marcosequence…This situation is so beyond us we can barely describe what we are seeing.

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