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Game theory’s failure to explain cooperation and its fallacious darwinian take on games and evolution

July 23rd, 2017 · No Comments


I have often shied away from studying game theory, I am not sure why. But in a way I was right: consider Binmore’s discussion in chapter 1 of his Game Theory: A Very Short Introduction where he protests the confusion over the Prisoner’s Dilemma and the bogus analysis of the emergence of cooperation.
We have said as much here, without even studying the subject.
Furthermore, the whole take on evolutionary game theory is a fallacious sophistry based on natural selection: it is simply more darwinian junk.
This stuff is what you get when Rand corporation psychopaths try to do science (but I don’t reject out of hand the Dr. Strangelovian analysis of cold war strategies, or do I/should i?).

I think it is time for some ‘born again’ game theory, the current stuff seems as bad as neo-classical economics…

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