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R48G: dropping the past…reducing the Marx saga to heroic couplets (so we can move on)…

July 23rd, 2017 · No Comments

I fear that at the crucial moment the marxist left will fumble the ball by monopolizing the so-called ‘radical’ option without producing any kind of movement to go with it.

We see a huge amount of activity here but it is mostly conferences and the like, and one suspects that a lot of adherents having for all intents and purposes given up are essentially ‘in the way’ and prone to ostracize the few active agents if they do not toe the line on marxist dogmas. Having critiqued marxism here we are essentially pariahs which means we have no line of communication, no friends or comrades, no audience, and no options as any practical activity. Having anticipated that, we can continue to consider a kind of virtual revolution and commentary and this is having an influence. Let us not complain of the lesson learned here: movements by and large bypass a huge number of relevant thinking, fall into the hands of celebrities who to keep their spot will produce social democratic niceties and discuss these matters with other celebrities on YouTube: it seems like we are condemned to leadership by the wrong people and certainly can’t have the slightest communication with the elect. It gets to be too much sometimes: but the real point here is that celebrities leave many so frustrated they drive them away or induce them to give up in disgust. Also, in a way this wrong: Sanders has all these liabilities and was a huge success, but point still stands. I doubt if I am the right person, to be sure, but I am struck by the degree of marginalization even for the simple acts of public discussion. I do not complain: the audience here is concealed and fairly steady. But the basic point remains: the left is led by people with limits to their perspective.
I say this merely to emphasize the need to break out of cliche categories, and especially canonical Marx worship. Let me issue the warning here for one segment: the whole canon of marxism must be done over and if it mentions Marx you will be in target range of a few million irate idiots who are fans of the second amendment. Marxists don’t get it: marxism is used for target practice by propagandists of all colors. If you change your terminology you can over with a robust grace period. This question haunts the left. Still, the situation is by no means hopeless. I don’t much care if I am ‘excluded’: I have observed over the years that unless you are excluded (at least at the beginning) you will end up in group think. This situation has allowed me to work alone and not feel self-conscious about uttering heresies that in cultic company would be firing squad offenses. A heresy off the top of my head: Marx was an obsessive who suffered writer’s block, drove Engels to distraction, and his masterwork Capital is a shoddy piece of theory he sensed wasn’t right, hence the block. He was unable to finish the work and finally gave up leaving the result to Engels. Actually, that situation is a problem only for those who need a cultic sacred founder. Instead, as fallible ‘out of the trenches’ ‘out of the trenches’ ‘mad as hell’ early commie with a dog ate ‘my’ paper discussion called Capital he is inspiring food for thought for our next iteration.
We have suggested a caesura with marxism while at one and the same time using that resource as an ‘Old Testament’ saga with a built in fastforward to its own ‘biblical criticism’ of the sacred canon. There is no other way.The problem with this is that groups can lose their bearings. There is a trick here: reference marxism to let its classic ideas in, but only in a mode of critical upgrade. Be wary of the addictive habit of constantly defending Marx. He works perfectly in ‘yes, but’ mode as an historical reference point.
We have suggested a stylized path here:
create a new group (viz. our ‘Red Forty-eight Group’)
allow criticism of the older canon
stop defending Marx/Lenin ad infinitum: they are not your leaders anymore, make a clean break. If someone tries to pin a Lenin on you, shrug: not my affair.
produce a new set of manifestos, projects in progress, with a clear definition of the socialism/communism you envision
at least be clear about a contradictory evolutionary/revolutionary set of options: Sanders has turned the term ‘revolution’ into its opposite. Clever, until un-clever

Fill in the blanks but I think that a new movement with fresh associations can reassure people they are not being subject to a stalinist trojan horse.

Over and out,…I have half a mind to recast the ‘legacy’ in heroic couplets, to emphasize is archaic state:
here’s a start, with two mythical figures called Marx and Engles…:

In years gone by, in eighteen forty-eight,
two men surveyed a revolution’s fate,
and wrought a manifesto for the age
of capital and communistic rage…

More on demand, more nickels in the meter please, but the point is clear….

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