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archive: church of Munzerian xtian ‘commies’: a theology of theism…atheism…

July 24th, 2017 · No Comments

Church of Munzerian xtian ‘commies’: a theology of theism…atheism…
June 7th, 2015 ·
My idea for a Reformation church of radical communism is the best place to pioneer a theology of atheism, compared with the stillborn approach of the secular humanists. Secular humanists are right to cashier the biblical approach to theism and morality. We are to believe the tale of Moses and the Ten Commandments. Even if the story had any historical basis, the tale itself is simply unbelievable, and the Ten Commandments themselves the original invitation to the rascal brands of Nietzsche to bronx-cheer their way out of ‘morality’: cynicism about morality is hardly surprising in the context of religious traditionalism.

A neo-Reformation Church of Communism (still waiting defintion!) would take a hint from the history of Israelite theism which appears to have adopted a Middle Eastern tradition of ‘silence as to the uttering of divine names’. That is half the battle won: shut up. 99% of all ‘god’ utterance is a waste of breath, and the problem with religion arises from infantile abuse of such.

We can validly point to the IHVH mystery beyond words, and intuited from the pre-Kantian soon-be-real-Kantian designations of the antinomial confusion of ‘god’ concepts. We have had here last week an ‘edge of space’ discussion of physics (some posts on Smolin and Krauss’ book on ‘nothing’ and other stuff): the ‘edge of space’ is the grand Kantian sucker punch to physics, and suggests the basic idealist confusion at the heart of physics and philosophy both, materialist included.
The point here is that the ‘edge of space’ resolves to everywhere, and like another dimension orthogonal to all points in current space, is, to use the phrase of the Koran, closer than close to your jugular vein (that’s not a direct quote).

The theology of Xtianity/Islam can be turned into a theology of atheism far sooner and better than the lame headed approach of the new atheists.

I think a radical Xtian church of communism would flagship a new and intelligent ‘atheism’ that is not the fanatic version of the Bertie Russell gang, but, like the pointing to IHVH, an intelligent sense that the ‘real’ is embedded in a larger mystery, and this is/isn’t open to physical explanation: step one, if explicable, is to produce the right theory of the edge of space, or throw up your hands and return to Kantstudien…

Hope that helps…

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