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R48G: if the New Deal has already failed how will a repetition help?

July 24th, 2017 · No Comments

We gave Sanders/Gore a plug today;, but in reality we are essentially critical of both. The question of climate change alone demands more than what the current movements on that score have to offer.

However controversial and despite still being sidelined we invoke/evoke the idea of a revolutionary change of regime, offering the possibility of an evolutionary path bootstrapping into this alternate universe. The point is that we need to consider first the ‘virtual revolution’ in order to come to a new rough consensus, or else, enough of a battle plan to be ready as chaos unfolds.
More and more activist literature begins by invoking a need for revolution but not using the term.

So we have company in a state of hesitation, partial denial, and genuine nervous about such a range of options.
The issue of climate change alone is, in the US, grounds for a revolutionary change: we are talking about the threat to a whole planet in the context of a president who is basically evil and at a moment of crisis has sabotaged the whole effort, along with deregulation of the water supply. Life might be asking us to pronounce the current regime hopeless or else pronounce us as hopeless cases. We are close to being hopeless cases. As we noted today the left has been completely fooled by 9/11 and that is an ill omen for a group wishing to diagnose the ‘system’ and proceed to change it.
In general we confront a rogue state that has basically destroyed democracy, rights, and any kind of sensible governmental complex, a coup d’etat. That point is lost on those whose radical edge is to proceed with democratic means in a system that is no longer democratic. We can work both ways, and the first task is electoral reform: a front three or more wars, gerrymandering, campaign finance, K street, …But to advance here we need electoral reform to advance electoral reform. What’s the next move here?
It is worth studying Venezuela see what this regime has to offer a socialist revolution. So shall we give up and let Al Gore do it all for us?

We can only offer to use the idea of ‘revolution’ as shock treatment for the feckless mess of pottage passing form activism now current. As the process approaches activation from ‘virtual revolution’ a new process of change just might come into being: the non-linear effect of revolutionary dark clouds on the horizon inducing change, after a fashion. But let us recall how this played out before: the radical left was close to revolution in the twenties and thirties but FDR saved capitalism with the New Deal, etc…The result was a moment’s euphoria and the onset of the neoliberal revenge era. The new deal is close to being dismantled: what grounds does anyone have for repeating what already has failed?

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