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Do Germans need eonic therapy?

July 26th, 2017 · No Comments

It might help to stop thinking in terms of ‘germany’ and instead in terms of the eonic effect, the modern transition and the stunning innovations produced by this phase, with germans holding a very crucial place. Here in a spectacular set of effects, german classical philosophy appears just at the ‘divide point’ in a complex spectrum of philosophy. Here the question of Hegel complicates the issues. The solution is not to take Hegel in isolation, starting with Kant and noting that Schopenhauer was very critical of Hegel, fair or not...
This analysis does not include Nietzsche who is a strange degeneration of the kantian starting point. Hegel's quirks are resolved by reducing his work to a set of fragments in an historical context...

The Dialectic of the Enlightenment and its own quirky perspective can be brought in later: there is no reason why the legacy of 'reason' can't be subject to critique. But the issue is not that of 'reason' or the enlightenment but the larger transition resolved in the eonic model.
Germans need to consider their magnificent moment with a kind of detachment, if not resignation: they cannot easily replicate their extraordinary history in the early modern...The tragedy that cam later is to me the result of something complicated and external: it is futile to try and diagnose german culture to produce explanation. To be sure, the dark tendencies emerged in parallel with its creative moment, but the Nazi phase was an occult war in action and an attempt to destroy modernity on the part of fascist reactionaries.
Whatever the case germans can recover but it might help to see that the Kantian revolution is part of a larger consideration that transcends german culture and nationalism...

Source: German Philosophy Has Finally Gone Viral. Will That Be Its Undoing? | Foreign Policy

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