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R48G: the ‘utopian’ versus ‘scientific’ socialism debate is misleading: we must act now as free agents to create a revolutionary socialism….and soon

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We need a new variant of classic marxism without its limiting suggestion about stages of history: capitalism must be confronted now as a result of our freely chosen decisions to create a just economic system, and one that is not so destructive.

The debate over utopian versus some kind of scientific socialism is misleading; we don’t really have a science of determinate social evolution. What we do have are free agents who can create a communist version of economic society based on the demand to produce democracy, real democracy. And we are free to do this at any time…

archive: Marx’s misleading take on ‘utopian socialism’
February 8th, 2015 ·

Beyond theory to free agency: revolution now!

Darwin vs Hegel

The question of free agency has haunted marxism which crystallized in a very dubious way in the generation after 1848. To discuss the issue of economics in terms of the draconian determinism of the sciences of that period has produced a typical case of bad social theory. Free agency may be free will, but it is crucial on its own terms, one way of the other.
The point is that we judge capitalism not on theory but on the values we need to restore to social economics.
Marx had a hatred of utopian socialism, but be that as it may it is fatal to wait on the system to evolve on its own terms: it won’t happen as we can see. The planet’s destruction is the only way, short of a communist intervention, the evolution of capitalism can finish.

That’ alarming, and we need to set aside marxist confusions and rethink the problem.

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