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some revolution may be required…//Socialism’s Future May Be Its Past – The New York Times

July 29th, 2017 · No Comments

This is a most interesting essay but after two readings the question lingers, it is hard to disagree, but in the end what is the author talking about?

The issue of 1917 and Finland station is misleading: the emergence of revolution in Russia was in very exceptional circumstances: attempted repetition confuses the issue.
But who can disagree: we need a democratic path…a no brainer. But wait, do we need a democratic path, or a path to democracy? If we assume that what we have now is democracy we will never get free of its fraud. We can therefore make a decision for a path to democracy that is revolutionary, populist and/or vanguardist, with a strategy that gets results. To get results we need a version of postcapitalism because private property (at the level of ‘capital’) will always preempt democracy…we can go on and on, turning in circles of jargon…But what is needed requires that we stop jargonizing democracy and define the real thing…

Source: Socialism’s Future May Be Its Past – The New York Times

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