History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Confusion over history and the impossibility of a theory

July 30th, 2017 · No Comments

The left needs a larger historical perspective. Let the era of Feuerbach set the tone but not delimit the need to really espouse the ‘dialectic’ in its real sense of a larger domain of discourse that can parry opposites and counterpoint perspectives.
And a less theoretical view of history is needed: the materialist foundation can be sunk with one torpedo: what if history shows evidence of teleology? .

The teleomechanists? … ‘never heard of them’….
April 5th, 2015 ·

From revolutionary buddhism/xtianity via Hollywood plot rewrites to a revolutionary ‘spirituality’ of the materialist epic

The neo-communist left needs to be ready with an exit field for the rapidly crumbling Axial Age religions: buddhism, xtianity, and islam, with Chinese elements easily brought in. The left can’t deal with these people by demanding they be brainwashed into historical materialism, dialectical materialism and the new atheism. A broad ‘dialectical field’ that can handle all such refugees plus provide an original successor ‘secularism’, open to these traditions but able to recast their elements for the future. This new left needs to do meditation at the level of buddhists, and yet be able to set human autonomy beyond the machinations of archaic guruism, etc,… There are dozens of issues in this thicket of archaic cultural issues not about to drop dead because scientific reductionists are too brain dead to study them.
In the larger scope the left must generalize its perspective to include the full realization of modernity, not just the suddenly contracting ideologies of the generation of the 1840’s. The left simply abandoned modernity for a very closeted contraction of the modern field.

A good example is darwinism itself: we take this as scientific gospel. But step back a moment: at the key transition point of the modern divide what do we find that darwinists don’t want us to find? A nearly complete ‘Kantian’ foundation for biology beyond Newtonian physics dogmas: the teleomechanists (check out Descent of Man Revisited) who in one generation laid the foundations for a real biology, only to be suppressed and replaced with idiot evolutionism suitable for the coming generation of professionally braindead specimens of the Iron Cage science squad.

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