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arhive: Israeli involvement in the 9/11 conspiracy?

July 30th, 2017 · No Comments

Mr, Netanyahu, what about Israeli involvement in the 9/11 conspiracy? Nobody is fooled anymore by the charge of conspiracy theory
March 3rd, 2015 ·

The deliberate display of chutzpah to insult Obama and show the world that Israel rules those yankee dummies is in the process of backfiring. Israel has virtually destroyed american democracy and that is its long term legacy, and not much else.

How is that a people as intelligent as the Jews have produced this monstrosity of Israel, now the coming backwater hosting all the most idiotic jewish retards in a situation that is going from stupid to malevolent, given the evidence of Gaza. The threat of Iran is a facade for the threat of Israel.

I think the tide is turning here: jewish culture has in some way peaked and is turning into a brief nightmare on the way to dissolution. The new atheists denounce religion, but rarely point out the way that must include the completely miscast case of Israel.

I think Jews should look at the facts. Everything they seem to touch turns into a problem. The jews thought they would be known for Einstein, but now they will be known for Ayn Rand. There is a long list of these issues, but at this point antisemitic paranoia is totally inappropriate. Jews in any case are their own worst enemies. Shifting from being a liberal force to being a Nietzsche parody via the neocons brings the issues close to dissolution. Israelis are paranoid about Iran, as it seems to threaten their future. But there is no good future to Israel after sixty years of an almost incredible squandering of jewish potential. Everywhere you turn it is the same jewish domination obsession. That can’t last. I think the case of Gaza from last summer is the endgame on its way.

Meanwhile, a horrible question lurks in the background: Israeli involvement in 9/11. What are the facts? Israelis in their contempt for american gentile dummies seem to hope the facts in plain sight will not come to the fore. In the given system of propaganda, it will take time. But at the end we will see…what? a bastard marriage with the american covert agencies to create a hidden fascism and a hidden control of the american system of government.
Small wonder Israelis are paranoid. Their screwup is so total that people are driven into insane rages about destroying Israel. Israel is destroying itself. After all the talk about the American ally the reality is total contempt for american gentiles and a with to turn the US into a satrap.

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