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arhive:…tired of be ostracized by the so-called ‘left’ for discussing the 9/11 conspiracy evidence

July 30th, 2017 · No Comments

Chomsky’s disgrace//I am tired of be ostracized by the so-called ‘left’ for discussing the 9/11 conspiracy evidence
March 27th, 2015 ·

http://www.amazon.com/New-Pearl-Harbor-Disturbing-Administration/dp/1566565529/ref=sr_1_23?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1427472376&sr=1-23&keywords=conspiracy+theories+9%2F11: The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11

The inability of the left to grasp the 9/11 conspiracy is getting to be a shocking statistic.

And it is a puzzle why such a monumental deception by the American government is passed over by the left.
One of the reasons for this situation is the completely confused analysis by Noam Chomsky, and this began with the JFK assassination debate. We can set aside momentarily the latter, but the 9/11 false flag op has been pretty well documented. So there is not excuse for this situation, which results in complicity with the near persecution of muslim socities in the ‘war on terror’ meme.

Any deviation from dogma on this question results in instant excommunication by the left. Much of the rigidity here results from left/liberal journalists who can’t deviate from dogma on 9/11 without losing their celebrity status. Matt Taibi is a good example.
And Noam Chomsky is simply baffling: he has undermined his whole career here in the wreckage of his credibility.
A left as confused as this is obviously going nowhere.

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