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archive: Israel and the US are driving the Islamic world into psychotic confusion

July 31st, 2017 · No Comments

Israel and the US are driving the Islamic world into psychotic confusion: witness the refugee calamity…but in the end Islam also must secularize…
March 18th, 2016 ·

If you explore the seamier YouTube universe on the refugee crisis

(you can google the frenzy zone easily, and it is useful to understand the Trumpies, to say nothing of the quagmire in Europe) in Europe you get a taste for what the Trump mob is getting fed on, and upset about. But at this point the refugee crisis is a pattern of madness. I will not absolve moslems of their limitations abuses, save to note the psychosis taking off, and should rather protest the way that the US, and Israel especially, have subtly plotted to tear the Middle East to pieces for covert reasons that are hard to grasp, or very simple: Israel’s almost diabolical middle eastern zone domination policies. Is it not true that e.g. Syria behind all the hype levels is the object of deliberate and unrelieved destruction by the covert indirections of Israel/US? Israel especially. This is already documented history with the war in Iraq. So this is the obvious prime suspicion.

In the US there is a still simpler reality: the US economic destructions of places like Honduras etc is creating the waves of immigration. If the US could somehow display a revolution of sanity in its Monroe doctrine mania, the immigration problem generating paranoia in the paranoid right would resolve fairly quickly. Why on earth isn’t the US doing a real job of creating economic potential? an almost absurdly egregious question, given the record.

Part of the confusion, we must admit, without getting into Islamophobic mentalities, is the ongoing ‘reformation’ going on in Islam. For all the talk of ‘reformation’, and I have been party to it, the reality is that the reformation has been underway for a long time and won’t cease with a traditionalist versioning. Are there no sufis who can show some leadership. They aren’t godfearing at all and could help supply some realism as shown by the many sufis who pitched the Koran into a rubbish bin. Whatever the case, recommending reformation requires seeing what it really was: a century of violent religious war. The Islamic version seems mild by comparison, but is obviously ‘in progress’.
It helps to give up and move into the future. Forget religion. Forget Islam. Who cares. The violence will continue until everyone is so frustrated they won’t care. That point can come sooner. It took over a century, and the Thirty Years War, before the Protestants/Catholics grew so tired they quit, just quit.
Let’s pray that point comes sooner in Islam.

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