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the us has no intention of allowing democracy, the clean break creates a tremendous opportunity to create real socialism/communism//Venezuela’s Maduro celebrates new assembly, mocks U.S. criticism

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Venezuela has an opportunity to create a real socialism and should not be put off by the neoliberal cries of ‘democracy’ so-called that are the monroe doctrine regurgitated as cover for US imperialistic interests…
We have suggested our ‘democratic market neo-communism’, as model and a set of suggestions about potential socialist outcomes.
Our DMNC is an abstraction and yet it has a practical realization and is a way to deal with compromise that isn’t a compromise:
we can hardly hope to properly evaluate the situation in Venezuela but our framework can allow for a balance of opposites and create a mix of planning and markets. But markets are no longer private property although in a transition some status can be considered for extra-national corporations. This three sector approach can be faithful to socialist/communist principles and yet evade a monolithic solution to economic complexity…

Source: Venezuela’s Maduro celebrates new assembly, mocks U.S. criticism

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