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R48G: needed: an overnight mutation on the left: revolutionary options…

August 1st, 2017 · No Comments


Observing the (marxist) left over time the perception is of a dysfunctional confusion in the absence of any real movements. It is especially telling that virtually no commentary or activity on the case of Venezuela is visible apart from a few mostly perfunctory articles. The verdict is that there is no truly active socialist project or movement and I can’t include the Sanders phenom because it isn’t socialism although it is important to both critique it for this and also change gears to give the movement there some solidarity save only that the coopted version of revolution in ‘Our Revolution’ deserves a bit of an expose…

The observation here is that if you try to reanimate stale marxism the result will not take off. So, we have suggested a mew format with a complete overhaul of the basic pitch. Unfortunately the older left is so attached to its old formulas that even the slightest challenge to dogma evokes hostility, and total withdrawal into a closed mindset with which it is impossible to communicate…

This is said to the many individuals in these groups, and this includes far more than the marxist, who understand all this and would respond to a new movement at the drop of a hat should the occasion rise. We can reiterate some of the factors involved in a mutation on the left:

assessing the core of marxism but considering all the critiques that have been thrown against it. Leftists in too many cases simply repeat the same old tired themes oblivious to the mountains of critical literature here. A good example is the labor theory of value, a classic fumbled football. The issue should be rendered in the most obvious fashion, without Marx’s confusions: workers get gyped out of their wages.

creating a break with the past: stop talking about marxism as your position or of Marx the great prophet: the whole game must start from scratch, without getting itself ripped off in compromise..

creating a plan of action that includes revolutionary options, evolutionary alternates, specifics about new socialist/communist economies, critiques of neo-classical economics, a path through the calculation debate…

a new combined international and a new ‘socialism’ in one country model that can allow piecemeal transitions both in isolation and in relation to transnational contexts…

a new focus on the ‘universal class’ instead of solely on the working class, which becomes a core sector, to be sure, of the universal class…

We have already outlines a series of proposals here with a considerable amount of material appearing very rapidly this year:

Last and First Men
Toward a New Communist Manifesto
Democratic Market Neo-communism
Point of No Return
The Crisis of Modernity
The Anthropocene and the Coming of Postcapitalism

These are available at amazon and for free from history-and-evolution.com

I frankly don’t see any chance of reviving the older left: we must start from scratch. The literature above is by no means anything by way of final, but it is reminder that the majority of (marxists) leftists are stuck in treadmill mode unaware of the futility of their situation….

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