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R48G: can a revolutionary initiative even locate the deep state? who are the rebs against?

August 2nd, 2017 · No Comments

The issue of the ‘deep state’ has foundered in a series of inconsistent definitions but the point is clear enough if we stand back with a moment’s ‘fuzzy vision’. The issue of 9/11 is apparently one of the issues confusing the discussion since the clear evidence of a conspiracy, almost by definition proving a deep state of some kind, is banished from most discussions, even on the left, a puzzle almost as mysterious as the deep state itself.


archive: The Deep State? 9/11 conspiracies clinch the case…
February 28th, 2016 ·
The deep state is a mysterious entity that has already foreclosed on American democracy, and the puzzle is, noone can talk about it. A situation distinct from, and more sophisticated, than anything in 1984, a condition that has moved beyond the coup d’etat to a more malevolent type of dictatorship. The step to release from this ‘higher power’ requires something like a revolutionary 12 step program, breaking the addiction to, well, James Bond era fantasies and the covert agencies the promote. Hey, no kidding, it’s no accident Bond appeared in the CIA birth times.

The hard reality is a few mouse clicks away in a Google search, so is the left’s silence here a sign of ideological hypnosis?

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