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R48G: balking at threshold of real socialism…

August 5th, 2017 · No Comments

We have cited critiques of Maduro from the left and proposed the completion of the revolution. But what does that mean? Perhaps the left fails to see that in the approach to full socialism/communism the complexity of the projected transition defeats thinking which falls back into hesitation and confusion.

That is one reason we have constructed an actual model of how a communist system might realize itself: our ‘democratic market neo-communism’ with its three sectors, transformed democratic government balanced with a strong executive and an autonomous low level sector, offers, if not an instant blueprint, then a set of conceptual tools about how to think abut a neo-communist/socialist system. Armed with marxist logic most politicians would end up in an authoritarian fixation (as we see), here made worse by the malignant influence of Putin, who is surely in the background here, no friend of socialism. But figures like Madura may well realize that standard leftist logic offers an ill-fitting shoe.
Just what is it that the international left urging socialism is really asking? Politicians like Maduro are likely to balk at the ideological solution to such a complex situation as that of Venezuela. That said, we should urge the Chavistas to create the foundations of real socialism while opportunity is there. But it is essential to make clear that the route to stalinism is factored out in advance. Our reasoning in our discussion of DMNC can suggest a few things that just might work in this case: we advocate planning and markets, but markets in the context of a commons. Venezuela could thus declare itself socialist but combine a new kind of market with a new kind of planned economy, with an autonomous sector that is left alone to a large degree, etc…

It may be that the confused logic of international socialists is misleading the Chavistas.

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