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How about a DSA R48G (‘red forty-eight group’) Caucus? picking a fight with the DSA libertarians…// DSA Libertarian Socialist Caucus

August 7th, 2017 · No Comments

The idea of libertarian socialism will promptly throw a monkey wrench into the already disorganized DSA and be in potential a trojan horse for ‘doing nothing at all’, the legacy of failed experiments here. That said, the more the merrier and this diversity will provoke hard thinking, maybe…The problem with rejecting the state should be obvious, but the dangers of socialist states are currently even more obvious, apparently. And the term ‘libertarian’ has a corrupted rightist usage, why use it at all?
In fact we have already dealt with this issue (or rather, with anarchism) in our DMNC (‘democratic market neo-communism’) which invokes a complex triad of possibilities:

a planned, market, and third semi-autonomous sector of small scale entities, and this adds to a complete orchestration of ‘opposites’ an anarchist flavor in the context of a strong state, strong in the sense of protecting (evidently in a revolutionary sequence) the foundations of communism in a redefined democratic system that defines equality in terms beyond electoral politics in terms of common ownership, in principle.
This system will not be ‘state socialism’ because the ‘state’ won’t control the means of production: this will be regulated beyond the state’s control of post-capitalism fundamentals by legislative and legal-court bodies, including ecological and planning commissions that will preclude control of ‘means of production’ by revolutionary or any other elites.
This will therefore include:
a commons in the expropriation of private property above a certain threshold, i.e. large-scale capital
a sector of planned economy run by bodies with a separation of powers with respect to the state
a sector of market economy that can function with specialized corporate/entrepreneurial entities in markets where resources are licensed from the commons
a third autonomous sector open to small scale industrial/agricultural entities, with every possibility of experimental entities: cooperatives, etc…
a de facto ‘fourth’ sector comprising a governmental state with a strong presidency to safeguard the commons but not regulate the economy, a congress to mediate multiple/economic issues, and a set of courts, ecological, economic, and otherwise…
This approach allows amplitude to the objections of anarchists without the initially impossible hope of system without a state.


Source: DSA Libertarian Socialist Caucus

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