History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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but what did that tradition accomplish?…//America Has a Long and Storied Socialist Tradition. DSA Is Reviving It. | The Nation

August 8th, 2017 · No Comments

We obviously need to follow this with interest but it might well be our job to stand back, continue to plot against ‘the’ government, and consider the larger need for more than a so-called socialist party: the legacy here, even before FDR stole the socialist thunder, was not all that considerable.

We need in any case to move along this path, or show some kind of solidarity along the sidelines but to also consider some far more radical avenue to a new society and that in the context of an international alliance of such. ‘Socialism’ no longer really means what it says and the question hovers, what does it mean? It is no use preaching to the DSA: we can nail this gang with Michael Harrington’s hoary book Socialism (still in existence at Amazon) and permutations thereof and in principle they might adopt revolutionary musings, in practice, evolutionary issue activism: their website has an article about ‘the’ revolution, so their discrete charm betrays secret ambitions against the dot.gov.

Let’s simply ask the question: what general platform is needed that will serve a real left? The obvious confusion over working class issue activism versus climate change activism versus…a revolution to create real change…

Source: America Has a Long and Storied Socialist Tradition. DSA Is Reviving It. | The Nation

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