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should the US be torn apart in a new Civil War?…//How Bernie Sanders Should Talk About Democratic Socialism | The Nation

August 8th, 2017 · No Comments

The Nation article links to an interesting essay by Foner…he has a point (although scotching Denmark seems puzzling,

is the american so-called left could achieve even a fraction of the danish achievement…) but in referencing the American Civil War let us issue a clear reminder of what is apparently being asked for, save that this time we should ask if a new world order should not stage its international in a revolution to scrap the american fake democracy (hats tipped to old Tom) to do the job right…first, question, is the ‘yankee doodle’ number obsolete?

More importantly, your response inadvertently reinforces the idea that socialism is a foreign import. Instead, talk about our radical forebears here in the United States, for the most successful radicals have always spoken the language of American society and appealed to some of its deepest values. You could begin with Tom Paine and other American revolutionaries who strove not simply for independence from Britain but to free the new nation from the social and economic inequalities of Europe. Embrace the tradition of abolitionists, black and white, men and women like William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, and Abby Kelley, who, against overwhelming odds, broke through the conspiracy of silence of the two major parties on the issue of slavery and helped to create a public sentiment that led to Lincoln’s election and emancipation.

Source: How Bernie Sanders Should Talk About Democratic Socialism | The Nation

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