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R48G: left of the left…//The socialist movement is getting younger and turning into a left-wing force – Chicago Tribune

August 9th, 2017 · No Comments

The DSA is plodding along its destined evolutionary path but we persist here in our left of the left musings about the ‘R’ word, just add and you get ‘revolutionary’. More, we have a slightly novel take on the ‘left’ as such: our ‘R48G’ has attempted to recast the whole game since 1848 with a postmarxist recombination as a branded communism:

a version of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ as a challenge to create a full social/political platform hopefully more than an abstraction.
This has an at first confusing switch from the working class to the universal class…
Let us keep in mind that the term communism was first associated with a classic proletariat, which is more than the working class which is now in the US a confused mixture of persons (many now trump supporters) subjected to decades of mind control from the right. The left needs to rescue the working class, and a first step is to stop fetishizing its status as the rabbit’s foot of socialist appeals. Marx’s demand to move beyond utopian to scientific socialism hasn’t really worked: we could ditch the distinction and try both. A classless society needs to merge the working class into a universal class, and to focus on those who can be radicals as of today. This vanguard must then move to create a platform for the working and other classes and merge all into a larger social framework, etc… Immense numbers of people avoid the ‘left’ because they think they aren’t welcome because they aren’t working class, what? This is a serious question but it can at one and the same time deal with working class submovements in a unity of very diverse forms of a new left…
I doubt if the US can create a ‘labor party’: instead try to create according to principle, not class, i.e. principles of democracy, communism, and economic postcapitalism.

Source: The socialist movement is getting younger and turning into a left-wing force – Chicago Tribune

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