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the eonic model and the ‘west’…//On the ‘West’: a perverse defence of politics

August 9th, 2017 · No Comments

There is no ‘west’…
The discussion here is almost too incoherent to make any sense of but we can at least deal with the first paragraph and the idea of the ‘west’: our eonic model does this nicely because it makes clear that there is no 'west' as a civilization. Instead we see the modern transition complete the 'macrosequence' in a globalization of 'eonic effects'. And the reality is that if 'democracy' is an incomplete evolution from the early modern, with the classic critiques from the left, then the political project as globalization remains incomplete. We have yet to solve the problem of an international and the component politics of each fragment nation-state. We can deride 'western values' taken as 'democracy'/oligarchy, but neither communist chinese values nor those of 'capitalism with a human face' constitute an answer to the incomplete project, with seems to be attempting a blend of socialism and the democratic...

Source: On the 'West': a perverse defence of politics

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