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R48G: revolutionary potentials…//Four days with America’s socialist party | The Outline

August 10th, 2017 · No Comments

we got a suggestion here a while back from a grumbling plotter against the government to advocate slashing the tires of SUV’s…a bit amateurish perhaps, but I would have to admit that 25000 DSA firebrands here could trigger panic in the automotive fantasy world, capitalism’s soon to be orphaned industry…
Very well then, let the DSA vanguard take up the motion…

Real victory for socialism,

particularly here in the heart of the greatest empire in the history of the world, is not just the already immense task of growing a small party to a position where it can win political power. Real victory will require the abolition of an economic and social order than has ruled this planet for some 400 years, and to do so at the precise moment when that ruling order has at its disposal the most powerful messaging and military technology in the history of the world. Real victory will require overthrowing that order from a left that is weaker, even today, than it was fifty years ago, or one hundred years ago, that has weathered the Cold War and the post-Cold War consensus, that has seen labor destroyed and the carceral state develop and that has hanging over it the damoclesian sword of imminent ecological catastrophe.

Source: Four days with America’s socialist party | The Outline

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