History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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theistic idiots versus the atheist brand…//In God We Trust: Why Americans Won’t Vote for an Atheist President | Alternet

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A sad disaster in the midst of so-called ‘secular’ culture. Something better than the new atheism is needed, and yes there is evidence that atheism can lead to moral confusion, this despite the fact that by and large atheists are probably more moral than many christians. And christians are enclosed in a bubble of almost impossible idiocy, only in part their fault: the theology is an invitation to hopeless muddle. A dose of atheism just might help.

Christians need to be confronted with the facts: the history of christian politics shows almost no evidence that belief in god has improved the behavior of political leaders. And machiavellianism coexists with political propaganda about religious faith, look no further than Mrs. Clinton. But in a way the culture of scientism hasn’t helped, religionists have a point…Secularists have a perfectly good moral ‘better than a prophet’ in Kant, but can’t make any use of him, moving to the degraded pop philosophy of Nietzsche. And the influence of Darwin has confused everyone completely. Christians cannot claim the stupid myth of Mt. Sinai as a foundation for ethics. Stop! Enough is enough. Modern thought probably has a better chance at ethical thinking than religious tradition.
That’s the sad fact of the matter: judeo-christianity has no ethical teaching of real substance. The Sermon on the Mount is not a resolution of that theological failure.
But it is not so easy to produce an ethical culture in the kind of society ruled by politicians, sorry…the whole game is shot…

It might help for atheists stuck in scientism to upgrade their thinking: the question of ‘god’ may have been turned into idiocy by christians but the so-called scientific skeptics position is poorly formulated: the realm of facts is balanced by the realm of values and where the former are tangible the latter are intangible, immaterial, and yet real.
Nothing more is needed to produce a post-theistic conception of the ethical, without or without the term ‘god’ which in fact can grossly complicate and degrade ethical thinking.

Source: In God We Trust: Why Americans Won’t Vote for an Atheist President | Alternet

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