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R48G: The DSA: a revolutionary option? despite its gorilla aspects the ‘system’ is imploding within…

August 12th, 2017 · No Comments

All this discussion of ‘revolution’, virtual or not, may be a waste of breath: the powers that be look with derision at so-called leftist movements: they know fairly well they amount to nothing. The response to the black block at the women’s washington march shows what they intend toward real threats…

thus our idea of ‘virtual’ revolution: keeping a sense of reality about what is going on, what is needed, and what are prospect for a serious left…

At the point of critical climate change the older socialists seem ill-equipped to deal with the reality, if only because the ‘working class’ couldn’t care less…fair?

We need to look both at and beyond the working class to espouse a movement that is focused on the working class issue but able to focus beyond that to a whole set of classes, as parts of the universal class…At this point the issue is a new society that can deal with all the issues of all the classes and with the question of postcapitalism in the context of climate change…

We don’t have to be intimidated by the massive show of force protecting this system: it is vulnerable behind its gorilla aspect, and the elites know it. Any system that can still deny climat change is so far gone it is set to collapse from within, whatever its outer face of illusion…
The DSA needs another sideline: discussion of revolutionary options next to its evolutionary path of long standing.

archive: Here our idea of virtual revolution seems apt…//Can the Growing Democratic Socialists of America Build a New, Coherent Left Wing?
August 7th, 2017 ·

Our stance on the DSA is to let it be, as it were, on the grounds that seminal confusions can be a transient vehicle to something like a ‘new left’. Our stance here is obviously far too radical and yet we should nonetheless propose from ‘their’ sidelines a coherent set of perspectives based on our ideas of ‘democratic market neo-communism’, even as we point to the fact that these ‘radical’ groups (as this article makes clear) routinely propose ideas that imply a revolutionary option with ever mentioning the dreaded ‘R word’. The group nonetheless seems to be open to the kind of postmarxism we have discussed but we can see at once (as predicted) that this can result in an eclecticism of concepts that will go nowhere: we can break with the past but we must equal its moments of maximum coherence and then surpass them…

Source: Can the Growing Democratic Socialists of America Build a New, Coherent Left Wing?

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