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 R48G: the left coverup doesn’t work anymore…it would be good if orgs like Counterpunch could discuss the issue// 9/11: The Simple Facts

August 14th, 2017 · No Comments

I have no particular expertise on the question of 9/11: it is precisely because of that fact that I protest the current leftist aspect of the cover up. It is impossible to reasonably buy into the massive distortion of reality here. It is disgraceful that the ‘left’ let a small group of so-called leaders establish the ‘conspiracy theory’ meme to cover up the blatantly obvious facts about 9/11.

It has become a kind of dogma of a set of left celebrities of which Chomsky is the worst…These figures may be so confused, and have been for so long, they are unaware how absurd it is for anyone to try and defend the official version. The whole issue has produced a complete distortion of what should have been a direct challenge and indictment of a criminal government…Those especially who aren’t wont to indulge in ‘conspiracy theories’ confront the expanding data set that confounds the strange wall of denial that has obscured the obvious. We can certainly acknowledge the difficulty of studying this issue but the left can no longer attempt to ostracize, demonize and ridicule those who encounter the increasingly large literature here of the expose, a literature that can’t be dismissed as crackpot…

Source: Amazon.com: 9/11: The Simple Facts: The Simple Facts (Real Story (Soft Skull Press)) eBook: Arthur Naiman, Gregg Roberts: Books

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