History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Between christian and marxist idiots do we have a choice? is there a way out on the left?

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This book exists in hardback, two Kindle versions and a free PDF, but it is generally ignored although it does have a large number of readers. Perhaps the issues are too complex and without any discussion its basic points remain in limbo…The academic faction, as with darwinism, is completely blind to the facts that point to the ‘eonic effect’, but its study is almost essential to sort our the confusions of religion, secularism, etc…The study of the Axial Age is highly controversial and we can invite skepticism even as we point to an empirical basis…
The marxist study of history is a complete failure, despite its merits of class analysis, and the issues of socialism and the industrial revolution. We can give a pass to the latter but point to the way that marxist theory has antagonized millions without a glimmer of a clue to there being any problem. If marxists would simply drop theory they would have an upgradable corpus but they are incapable of thought at this point, a frozen mechanization of thought.
The legacy of monotheism in its christian version is hardly better although its historical mythology does detect in distorted form the questions of the Axial Age and ultimately the eonic effect. But the corpus of christian theology is completely hopeless at this point and must scrapped or christianity will simply go down the tubes and disappear.
The sad reality is that no movement has a reasonable take on history, social change, theology/secularism, or the questions of materialism/spirituality. There is almost nothing viable and the failure of darwinism yet its persistence as ideology shows that neither science, nor academic historiography (or academic anything), can resolve the hopeless muddle.

Last and First Men has a short section on religion and the left: item, the virtual church of the holy brick….consult the online version…

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