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race, socialism and the issues of the modern transition…//No More Charlottesvilles

August 16th, 2017 · No Comments

Splitting hairs at a moment of social tragedy (we have multiple links to Charlottesville today) seems off but perhaps since we are on the sidelines anyway we can quietly attempt to repair the leftist muddle that ends up pitting working class, racial, feminist, and other issues against each other…

A noted in our previous post today the issues on the left are larger than those of economy and constitute (we have frequently discussed floating fourth turning points) the question of modernity as such, taken as a meta-revolution via the ‘modern eonic transition’ in our macro effect. It should be obvious once put that way that this encompasses (behind perhaps a flagship ‘working class’ focus, or not) the successions to the Reformation, the Scientific Revolution (sic!) the tense interactions of communism, liberalism as vehicles of democratic revolution, and the core issue of the abolition of slavery which clearly forms its own history (cf. the French and Haitian cases) parallel, connected but recombined in different ways. There is much more, but the point is that ‘socialism’ must really be about the ‘social question’ in general. Such a large field can confuse the discussion,perhaps, but in the end the one-dimensional society created by bolshevism is a warning of the rightness of our expansive analysis…

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