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archive: regions of planet to be evacuated…

August 17th, 2017 · No Comments

Red Fortyeight Group: regions of planet to be evacuated? // new forms of street demonstration…you are dead already, but you can die forth children of the future…
October 29th, 2015 ·


I think that the climate crisis tends to induce a form numbness and the extraordinary news in this article (research here) fails to register. We are talking about whole regions of the planet becoming unsuitable for human habitation. Zones with very large populations.

I think a leftist response, for this and in general, needs to proceed and be revitalized forthwith in great haste. The crisis here will induce its own feedback. When governments have no choice they may act, but we can’t be sure of that anymore.
A neo-communist research project on the possible transitions to postcapitalism needs to restart now with considerable urgency. This requires:

a rewrite of classic marxist canons
real critiques of economic theories, neo-classical and marxist…
a projected view of global federation and communist republics in a form that works with a populist platform and a guarantee of some version of democratic rights in the context of expropriation industrial property rights
new movements for radical activism
a pact to ally anarchist and revolutionary groups…

revolutionary tactics, issues of non-violence or otherwise…
starting with a new way to initiate street demonstrations nearly now controlled out of existence by police technology….

(off the top, here’s one: groups can demonstrate in diffused crowds with identifying tags (t shirts?) to walk in semi random dispersed groups (individuals twenty feet apart) walking up and down city boulevards. This could include wifi connected concealed loudspeaker effects switching between different sources or demonstrators.)

This kind of demonstration, and it is a simple five minute exercise in thought, is one of dozens of ways that current intimidation can be overcome…etc… This one took me thirty seconds to think of, and through: with a little thought a whole new form of protest can be created…

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