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Free will discussion delayed again…

August 19th, 2017 · No Comments


We didn’t get around to dealing with this post/issue and will kick it down the road again: didn’t view the full video here…
The issue of free will is almost undecidable and the failure of science here is the real problem. Not that we shouldn’t welcome a dialectical challenge. No fully realized human psychology should reject the claims for free will. At the bare minimum we should consider the dialectic works, of course, both ways…
Science has failed to solve the question of human psychology, period…The religions may failed also but at least the later monotheisms of the Axial Age (along with Zoroastrianism) consistently free will in man. Along with a soul and a spiritual domain in tow….
There is another aspect here:the claim that man has will in potential and needs to realize his ‘free’ this will from mechanization. But this view is not totally adequate either…

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