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R48G: will DMNC produce full equality?

August 23rd, 2017 · No Comments


Our formulation of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ attempts to proceed to a full degree of social equality but at one and the same time a kind of differential inequality would arise if the structure given might have many of the problems of elites, of remaining inequalities, and divergent subsectors. First, a system based on communist axioms guarantees formal equality and joint ownership of property which allows immediate mediation of what would constitute inequality reborn. Clearly such a system in triad of planned, market and autonomous subsectors would produce a mix of situations in a shifting balance. But that would be a far cry from the inequality of pure capitalism, and would move rapidly to correct transient differential inequality.

Such a system would not declare itself perfect and must be based on communist axioms, must have a balance of powers in different sectors. Most of all it must balance a strong executive branch (but one with its own limits) and a democratic system that is genuine and entirely free of the corruption and bribery we see in the current american morass of fake democracy. The latter issue alone, if resolved in a half-way intelligent fashion, would transform the system completely even without socialism.

So, a not yet perfect utopian system would dramatically resolve the issue of inequality, even if not completely, and be a viable transitional entity that expresses economic bills of right, and has a political system of democracy that is free of outer domination.

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