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R48G: taking into account the ‘elite’ effect///A “New Dawn” for Fascism: the Rise of the Anti-Establishment Capitalists  

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This quote points to an important issue but in a way the problem on the left was created by their own formulation as to the working class which is supposed to take power.

But it can’t because only an elite will hold power. Obviously the solution is, as with the democratic revolution, the creation of a system based on universal principles and a universal class, no doubt with the working class as a focus. But the issue of elites needs to be taken into account in a revolutionary project….

Nevertheless making a revolution is the not the solution for all ills, as one prominent historian of the Russian revolution put it: “To overthrow the old power is one thing; to take the power in one’s own bands is another.” And ultimately for revolutions to truly serve the needs of the working-class they must succeed in wresting power from the ruling class. Hence although it is true that over the past century many revolutions have taken place, the majority of these uprisings have only succeeded in transferring power from one segment of the ruling elite to another. The ruling-class “may win the power in a revolution not because it is revolutionary,” but because it “has in its possession property, education, the press, a network of strategic positions”. By way of contrast: “Deprived in the nature of things of all social advantages,” an insurrectionary movement of the working-class “can count only on its numbers, its solidarity,” and the degree to which it is organised and ready to assume power during a revolutionary struggle.

Source: A “New Dawn” for Fascism: the Rise of the Anti-Establishment Capitalists  

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