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R48G: teleology, antinomial arguments, proving Marx wrong to prove him right…

August 24th, 2017 · No Comments


We have been critical of Marx and this is about like attacking the founders of religion in the eyes of marxists but in reality it should not even be controversial.

We honor the founders of a new sciences but we insist on falsifying theories and moving on. The same should be true of marxism and its complex of theories. Marx/Engels pulled off a tour de force and Marx gestated a hotwired species of clever theory that served the moment as an ideology of theory. But there is an irony here: if marx’s theory is teleological and we can find some grounds for a proof, then it must also be false since we must be free agents to freely create ccommunism, thereby proving him right.
Critics of Marx aren’t going to except such a flawed theory. The obvious solution is to drop the theory and proceed via renewed empirical analysis on the way maybe to a new theory but probably before that to a project of free agents constructing communism against the backdrop of history.
Trying to prove that capitalism followed feudalism with communism to follow is surely a brittle theory. We should instead simply critique capitalism and proceed to a constructivist solution, notably ‘communism’.

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