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The eonic effect as a clue to ‘evolution’

August 24th, 2017 · No Comments

Darwinism is so far off the mark that the insight into the eonic effect simply fails to register.

But the eonic model bids fair to be the approximate solution to the riddle that haunts the whole subject of evolution, a point to be given a few caveats. The eonic effect is about history, so how can it handle ‘evolution’? The answer is that it is an incomplete historical analysis of a non-random pattern but the suspicion is very strong its overall format, which we call the ‘evolution formalism’, must express a universal ‘evolutionary format’. To see such a phenomenon in history is controversial but the evidence is there. Once you see such a pattern there is no going back and you have a clue to a real theory, maybe…The eonic model is ‘punctuated equilibrium’ (a very confused theory) done right. Its ‘evolution formalism’ consists of two levels, macro and micro, a discrete/continuous distinction, a macrosequence of transitions, and a built in directionality. That directionality expresses some form of teleology and we can only offer the guess that this is part of a fine-tuning aspect to evolutionary emergence. Since physicists have been saying this by trying not to say it (now you see it, uh oh, now you don’t) we can suspect that the ‘macro’ aspect of biological and historical evolution points to some master program of cosmic ‘evolution’. That is never claimed in the eonic model, however. The point is that our model requires the action of a hidden form factor that we don’t see. We can only clock the stages of discontinuous emergence, if we have the evidence.
The situation resembles the case of Kant’s distinction of phenomenal and noumenal. If so we can understand why we don’t truly understand evolution because we don’t see its hidden aspect, a humoungous mysterious form factor. So we come up to the point of solving the problem and then don’t solve it, save that we have a rough idea what is going on. We should note in passing that the proliferation of forms in the Cambrian gives us a fairly strong hint about this form factor but again not total solution. We suspect that evolution is more than genetic, and more than organismic, especially with man. It is an combined evolution of bodies and of situations. The eonic effect shows examples of the evolution of situations, i.e. civilizations.
In a word the question of evolution is unfathomably complex and still mysterious but we have a probable clue and a kind of ‘glimpse’ that can relieve the disorientation of so many confused efforts to explain the evolution mystery… Even as history gives a hint about evolution, evolution in deep time might give a hint about history: the evolution of freedom man or in general enters as a needed concept, a real theory breaker. In any case the mysterious form factor would likely cast a ‘shadow’ on the phenomenal (so to speak) and the genetics/biochemistry of so-called evolutionary biology might offer some day a reductionist clue or clues…But evolution is evidently at a higher level than the chemical, or so it would seem.

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