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 a challenge to pacifist idiocy…//Michael Collins

August 28th, 2017 · No Comments

Discussions of strategies have been turned into a species of nuttiness that is inappropriate to the gross danger emerging as totalitarian ‘democracy/capitalism’. The issue of nonviolence needs its debate, but it also needs some realism.

It is worth considering the Irish case. After centuries of oppression, they finally had had enough. While this movie deserves a critical examination as Hollywood romanticism in motion next to a realistic fact base its portrait is significant. At the fighting mad stage we see that in less than five years a group of determined rebels brought down the British Empire, almost (and then they blew it, perhaps, at the stage of negotiation…). They did not engage in antifa style sitting duck tactics. They struck at night and made fast getaway, often on bicycles.
The tactics were a campaign of systematic assassination of the goons of the Empire.
I would certainly not recommend such tactics in the american case, but the point is that the irish succeeded finally with a very violent strategy.
That situation was unique, and the equivalent of leftwing militias were in evidence. The whole tale is a bit romantic in this version, but the point is clear. When the chips are down and you have had enough, you fight.
I don’t advocate assassination, not my point, as such: this movie does well to shock, whatever else is the case. I can think of equivalent and better strategies. This can just as well be a prelude to another debate over nonviolence. But those who are sentimental gandhians (and I am almost one myself) should ask if they will be the victims as middle class saints. The modern right begins about the time of Nietzsche. The goons of capitalism know him well. They won’t stop until they destroy modernity and recreate slave labor. Gandhian sentiment is their great ally.

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