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  Critique of Gandhi…

August 28th, 2017 · No Comments

We will cite the critique of Gandhi one more time. At this point we can say we are not as such rejecting nonviolent tactics, but their moral basis is the source of great hypocrisy as the case of Gandhi shows.

We must invite those who propose these tactics to justify their claim. Gandhi is a risible, worse, nauseating, ‘exemplar’ while the Jesus figure remains ambiguous. The Jain nonviolence tradition which Gandhi garbled with a form of meditative suicide: a fast unto death, on the grounds that even walking was violent against insects…Nota bene. Nonviolence is a moral ideal taken to an ultimate phase…

To describe Gandhi’s decision as a “national calamity” was indeed right on the mark. To lay such stress on non-violence – that too only three years after he had been encouraging Indians to enroll in the British Army was not only shocking, it showed little sympathy towards the Indian masses who against all odds had become energized against their alien oppressors. For Gandhi to demand of the poor, downtrodden, and bitterly exploited Indian masses to first demonstrate their unmistakable commitment to non-violence before their struggle could receive with Gandhi’s approval (just a few years after he had unapologetically defended an imperial war) was simply unconscionable. Clearly, Gandhi had one standard for the Indian masses, and quite another for the nation’s colonial overlords. But this was not to be the first occasion for Gandhi to engage in such tactical and ideological hypocrisy.

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