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R48G: marxist chop suey, a passing thought…streamlined upgrades of a legacy

September 2nd, 2017 · No Comments

The antifa group/groups are under attack but perhaps the real issue is the lack of focus and the absence of an overall program. Let us suggest using the material re: the ‘red forty-eight group’ to suggest a larger strategic platform.

This material is a kind of toolkit for an upgrade beyond marxism which is receding into the past. Our viewpoint is based on two manifestos, proposes a revolutionary/evolutionary path to ‘democratic market neo-communism’ and adopts a generalized postmarxist post-theoretical praxis consisting of a new view of history, a careful debriefing of economic theories, a challenge to social darwinist ideologies, connections with a larger modernist program, a metaphilosophy beyond materialism and idealism, a basically secular viewpoint with a set of critical relationships however with legacy religions.
The antifa are criticized but they raise the question repressed on much of the left of violence/nonviolence as strategies. The key element of strategy is the idea of free will in the context of science. We need not adopt any dogma about free will but we do insist on the concept of free agency, whatever the status of the idea of freedom for such agents. Marxists are frozen in place waiting for the next stage of their history which will never arrive. The action of free agents enters to break the deadlock.
The issue is to exit stages of production theory and to initialize the path to (neo-)communism forthwith. This project should come with an international but can act as ‘socialism in one country’.
The result is a generalized framework or ‘chop suey’ marxism recast beyond historical materialism as an emergency revolutionary project with, beyond its antifascism, a strong ecological focus.
Chop suey is a humble fast food, we are out of time for marxist peking duck, and suggests a stir fry of classic elements turned into something new, with a radical break with respect to bolshevism, leninism, marxism, and not fetishizing failed legacies. This approach can also easily be an umbrella category for the horde of marxist/leninist stragglers in a state of shock at the disappearance of their project. No mystery there: a fresh approach that doesn’t have to endlessness defend the legacy will appeal better in a new future. We can put this platform on a postcard.


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