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we’ve known darwinism is flawed for decades…the pernicious effect of ideology…//A.N. Wilson in The Times – Against Darwinist Absolutism | Evolution News

September 2nd, 2017 · No Comments

Wilson’s book is going to make its point and perhaps then be beside the point: but the tide is turning against the Darwin paradigm.

Thy mystery is why it took so long. I was alerted to the problems of darwinism in the seventies, and then more directly in the early nineties. I have no religious beliefs that forced this: it was simply an encounter with the rising set of critiques. No doubt a degree of isolation failed to alert me to the strong conformity effect influencing possible secular critics. The critique in WHEE emerged in the late nineties and I claim it to be one of the best although it simply eludes most still, even among critics of darwinism…

Instead, this biography appears to be part of a larger rethink of evolution that is bubbling away in a variety of areas. The Royal Society meeting last November is part of it. (See our post from earlier this week, “Evolutionary Theorist Concedes: Evolution ‘Largely Avoids’ Biggest Questions of Biological Origins.”) Stephen Meyer in his books has documented the scientific problems with unguided evolution that, until recently, have been kept hidden in the professional literature. Jonathan Wells, Douglas Axe, David Berlinski, Tom Bethell, and others have contributed to unmasking the failure of Darwinian theory to account for biological novelties – what we think of as “evolution.” A prominent atheist philosopher, Thomas Nagel, coming out as a Darwin skeptic is part of this phenomenon. Tom Wolfe’s Darwin-doubting book on the evolution of human communication, The Kingdom of Speech, is part of it. Yes, the steadily accumulating case for intelligent design, and demands for academic freedom in teaching about evolution in localities across the United States, are relevant too. Whether Wilson, a master storyteller with a keen wit, is the man to finally topple Darwin’s idol is not really the point. I can’t say more without getting a chance to read the book, but the fact of its being written and published at all, and by Darwin’s own publisher (!), gives further evidence of a growing trend in the culture, both scientific and literary, against Darwinist absolutism. And that’s good news.

Source: A.N. Wilson in The Times – Against Darwinist Absolutism | Evolution News

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